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Killtown Bookings (Belgium) is proud to unleash the routing of the BURIAL PROCESSION OF EVROPA tour 2018 featuring two of the most raw and barbaric sounding death metal bands spawned on two continents of this black buried earth, NECROWRETCH (fr) and CEMETRY URN (aus).

This artwork has been curated by the one and only Chris from Misanthropic Arts (

The routing will be as following:

06.09 COPENHAGUE, DK – Killtown Death Fest

07.09 HAMBURG, DE – Bambi Galore

08.09 CHEMNITZ, DE – Nikola Tesla

09.09 MLADA BOLESLAV, CZ –  Farářova Sluj

11.09 MILAN (ROZZANO), IT – Circolo Svolta

12.09 BASEL, CH – Hirscheneck

13.09 BRAUNSCWEIG, DE – s.v. Jugendhaus Ost

14.09 KRAKOW, POL – Ze Pe Te

15.09 BERLIN, DE – Swamp Fest

18.09 PARIS, FR – Le Klub

19.09 ANTWERP, BE – Music City


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NECROWRETCH (FR- Season of Mist) was created in 2008 giving birth to the return of sadistic-possessed- putrid death metal crafted in France. After 10 years activity the band has achieved a cult status with the release of two records through Century Media and their latest opus through Season of Mist. They have since relentlessly brought their music across Europe and Asia with numerous shows, tours and festival appearances.

CEMETERY URN (AUS – Hell’s headbangers) is one of Australia’s most obscene Death Metal band, spat with disgust in 2006, they have been since playing their death chants with numerous tours, festivals across Asia and North America. 2018 will witness the release of their new record through Hell’s Headbangers records and their appearance at the mighty Killtown Death Fest.

Killtown Bookings is proud to present the first European appearance of CEMETERY URN together with the critically acclaimed NECROWRETCH for the Burial Procession of Evropa.



Killtown Bookings (Belgium) is proud to unleash the final routing of the DEATH METAL DARKNESS ACROSS EUROPE tour 2018 featuring the US Death Metal legends of SADISTIC INTENT which will be on tour for in Europe for special festival appearances and a select number of club show.

This artwork has been curated by Chris of Misanthropic Arts (

The routing will be as following:

09.08 – Germany BERLIN – Cassiopeia

10.08 – Czech Republic JAROMER – Brutal Assault

11.08 – Germany SCHLOTHEIM – Party San

12.08 – Poland POZNAN – U Bazyla

13.08 – Germany BONN – Bla

14.08 – France COLMAR – Le Grillen

15.08 – France PARIS – Le Klub

16.08 – United Kingdom LONDON  – Boston Arms

17.08 – Italy PESCARA – Frantic Fest

18.08 – Belgium MEAN – Metal Mean

19.08 – France SAINTNOLFF – Motocultor

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SADISTIC INTENT, formed in 1987 in Los Angeles, has risen to be of the most prominent and leading force of US evil death/speed metal.  With a 30 years career and classic releases such as the “Resurrection” and “Ancient Black Earth” EPs they have grown to represent America’s most obscure and ancient sounding metal! In 2007, SADISTIC INTENT resurrected POSSESSED together with Jeff Becerra on vocals and became the main force behind the band’s comeback. In the last decade SADISTIC INTENT toured relentlessly around the Americas, Europe and Asia and played and headlined numerous festivals around the world. This year SADISTIC INTENT headlined the sister festivals MARYLAND DEATH FEST and NETHERLAND DEATH FEST. The Death metal darkness tour will bring them to perform at BRUTAL ASSAULT, PARTY SAN, METAL MEAN, MOTOCULTOR and FRANTIC FEST.  

Killtown Bookings is proud to present you the return of SADISTIC INTENT on the European roads for their first European summer festival tour.


Killtown Bookings (Belgium) is proud to unleash the routing of the EVROPA UNLIGHT tour 2018 featuring two of the most evil sounding black/death metal bands spawned on this putrid earth, ARKHON INFAUSTUS (fr) and DEMONOMANCY (it).

This artwork has been curated by the one and only Chris from Misanthropic Arts (

The routing will be as following:

22.03 –  NANTES, FR –  Ferrailleur
23.03 –  PARIS, FR – Backstage
24.03 – LONDON, UK – Boston Arms
25.03 – AMSTERDAM, NL – P60
26.03 – GENT, BE – Asgaard
27.03 – COPENHAGUE, DK – KB18
29.03 – POZNAN, POL – U Bazyla
30.03 – LODZ, POL – Magnetofon
31.03 – KRAKOW, POL – Ze Pe Te
01.04 – VIENNA, AU – Viper Room
02.04 – SALZBURG, AU – Rockhouse
03.04 – FIRENZE, IT – Circus
04.04 – PESCARA, IT – Tikitaka Village
05.04 – MILANO, IT – Circolo Svolta
06.04 – BAAL, CH – Sommer Casino

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ARKHON INFAUSTUS was created in 1997 giving birth to some of France’s most filthy Black/Death quickly achieving a cult status in the European underground. After a ten years hiatus ARKHON INFAUSTUS is back and have performed their first live performance in a decade at Hellfest 2017. They have been confirmed to perform in the USA at the Maryland Death Fest 2018, the Canadian Messes des Morts Festival 2018 and the Belgian Throne Fest 2018. Fall 2017 witnessed the release of their new EP “Passing the Nekromanteion” through the French label Les acteurs de l’Ombre. 

DEMONOMANCY is one of Italy most raw and evil sounding Black/Death metal band. With a set of demos and a released record, supported by the infamous Nuclear War Now! And Invictus production record labels, they have spread their filth throughout Europe and North America. We are proud to embark them in their first full European tour promoting the release of their new record “Poisened Atonement” which will be out February 23th 2018.

Killtown Bookings is proud to present you the return of ARKHON INFAUSTUS on the European roads together with the critically acclaimed DEMONOMANCY.


Tour Announcement: MASTER (us/cz) + DEHUMAN (be) “OMENS OF DEATH EUROPEAN TOUR 2017”

Killtown Bookings Belgium is proud to present the almost final routing of the “Omens of Death European Tour” with MASTER (us/cz) and DEHUMAN (be)!

Is there any more need to present the forefathers of Death metal…… In case there is, take a step back in time, Chicago in the early 80’s and you will find Paul Speckmann and MASTER bringing to life some of Death metal’s earliest material before the genre would even be defined Death metal at all! Make no mistake, MASTER is Death metal personified!

DEHUMAN from Belgium revives the best fast and aggressive 90’s death metal straight and without compromise. With the release of their second record in 2015 they proved to be one of the most reliable and prominent death metal acts hailing from Belgium having brought their music throughout Europe and the Americas with numerous shows and tours.

Celebrating the five years of their first joint European tour both bands are excited to embark on the “Omens of Death European tour” together once more. For this special occasion both bands will offer the public a yet to be announced surprise.

24.10 – DEINZE, BELGIE – Elpee
26.10 – NOTTIGHAM, UK – The Angel Microbrewery
27.10 – GLASGOW, UK – Ivory Black
28.10 – MANCHESTER, UK – Retro Bar
29.10 – LONDON, UK – The Lounge
31.10 – NANCY, FRANCE – La Machine
01.11 – CHAMBERY, FRANCE – Brin de Zinc
02.11 – TORINO, ITALIA – Projetto Mayhem
03.11 – FIRENZE, ITALIA – Circus Club
04.11 – ROMA, ITALIA – Traffic Live
05.11 – MILANO, ITALIA – Blue Rose Saloon
07.11 – BARCELONA, ESPAÑA – Rocksound
08.11 – ZARAGOZA, ESPAÑA – Civico Delicias
09.11 – MADRID, ESPAÑA – Silikona
10.11- SALAMANCA, ESPAÑA – Nave Bunker
12.11- PORTO, PORTUGAL – Metalpoint
14.11- VIGO, ESPAÑA – Transylvania
15.11- OVIEDO, ESPAÑA – Franel Rock
17.11- RODEZ, FRANCE – Le Club