Killtown Belgium Bookings


Killtown Bookings Belgium is not managing any bands (or have exclusive rights), but we work closely together with a number of bands on tours and single shows.

The bands listed here below are bands we work with. We are not their manager or their agent, but we are currently working with them on either a tour or for getting them shows. If you want to book a show for one of the listed bands below or if you want to get in contact with the bands themselves, please get send an email to andrea (at)


VorumSadistic Intent serves on a cold plate putrid and evil Death metal since their inception in 1987. Run by the Cortez brothers Sadistic Intent has shown no compromise for almost 30 years with classic releases such as the ‘Resurrection’ and ‘Ancient Black Earth’ EPs. Throughout their numerous shows and tours around the world they have proven to be one of the most prominent Death metal bands.

MASTER (usa/sk)

degial-bandpic3In the genre of heavy music, heavy metal just demands your attention with it’s raw power and pure adrenaline! Through the years, this now classic formula of loud sounds often pkayed in minor keys for that eerie effect has morphed into several subgenres. This form of extreme metal was super-charged and turned into what is now death metal! Make no mistake; master was a leader, right from the beginning and continues to be at the top of their game. Master is Death metal personified!

Dehuman (bel)

degial-bandpic3Dehuman from Belgium revives the best fast and aggressive 90’s death metal straight and without compromise. With the release of their second record in 2015 they proved to be one of the most reliable and prominent death metal acts hailing from Belgium having brought their music throughout Europe and the Americas with numerous shows and tours.

Soror Dolorosa (fr)

degial-bandpic3Paris-based Soror Dolorosa belong to the most visionary contemporary groups in the blend of Gothic/Death Rock and Cold Wave. The band name comes from the novel “Bruges-la-morte” by Flemish symbolist writer Georges Rodenbach, which is marked by nostalgia and mourning, thus perfectly encapsulating Soror Dolorosa’s aesthetic aspirations.


degial-bandpic3David-Alexandre Parquier is a solo performer leading us through beatifully dark paths of analog electrowave. The synthpop of early Depeche Mode and New Order comes to mind now and then. His debut full album ‘The Cold Rush’ is a beautiful document of joy and despair, pain and beauty. Love.